Gymnastics naked

gimnastics nakedThe word ” gymnastics ” derives from the ancient greek and means art naked:

gymnastics = gymnastikí̱ (γυμναστική)
naked = gymnós (γυμνός)
art = téchni̱ (τέχνη)

The “techniques” were in fact carried out by naked athletes who trained in “gym” ( from the greek = palàistrai fight ) . The modern “school” suggests that the study of the early high school years , in preparation for the next cultural insights , is similar to the physical exercises practiced in the gym to train the body in a functional way to a sport .

Mens sana in corpore sano” is a Latin phrase that synthesizes how important it is to expose our essence, developing and training, simultaneously and in harmony, the mind and body, to live with wealth and wisdom.

Body: ancient memory


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