Body language

body languageVerbal language takes up only 7-10% of communication. 90% of communication is transmitted without words.

The words are articulated sounds with which you send concepts. If we talk about being one in front of others, along with the words verbal, we provide many other communication messages is “non-verbal” and “paraverbal”.

The non-verbal messages are given by gestures, by the physical environment and distance.

The paraverbal messages are related to the quality of the voice tone, rhythm, volume.

For example, the same words, spoken quietly looking the other person in the face, marked with calm, with a low tone of voice, normal volume and a leisurely pace, holding a meter and a half away at most, have a different effect than when they uttered looking menacingly in the eye, with aggression, loud, screaming and moving forward with his head almost to be “forehead to forehead”!


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