Unstable character of the young

unstable character of the youngPeople have a character that matures within the context in which they live.

The current model offered by the company is rapidly changing the way we think and then to act of the new generations.

The “technology natives” assimilate and consume information with a speed that prevents deeper, sediment and customize the data that come from the environment.

The reports of teenagers, growing with electronic messages, have lived partly superficially.

When the contact becomes real, there is often lack of preparation and restlessness in managing emotions and moods.

Adults perceive the discomfort of the boys, but they can not be aware of it, having a background, a culture and an education so far from. If they spent time and attention, could establish a successful dialogue with the boys, but for inadequacy or laziness, some parents and teachers neglect the relationship, increasing the generation gap.


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